Zeolite Uses

Zeolite for Aquaculture

Zeolite is used in aquaculture industry to produce freshwater prawns or shrimp for human consumption.

Zeolite, in aquaculture, decreases the ammonia levels in ponds and tanks; filtrates water for cleaner tanks. When Zeolite is placed in water, it filters ammonia out of the water and holds it inside its' porous structure. As ammonia is highly toxic to fish this is a very useful way of reducing ammonia concentration in water. It can also adsorb pollutants and odors.

Zeolite for Poultry Feed

Zeolite is extensively used in the Feed Processing Industry (Animal Feed).

For the manufacturing of Animal Feed (Aqua Feed, Cattle Feed, Poultry Feed, Horse Feed, Camel Feed, Hogs/Swine Feed, Pet Food, Salmon Feed and Fish Nutrition), Zeolite is used as an additive. It is a unique multi-purpose ingredient. It is used in Animal diets as these are known for their high nutritional content. It is an essential nutrient in Animal Feed because it provides and forms necessary major pathways in the Body’s Metabolism. Plus it is also required for maximum production efficiency and energy sources in animals.

Zeolite for Agriculture

Zeolite acts as conditioners for hydration and retention of soil nutrients for longer periods of time. Zeolites are slow release fertilizers. The plant nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium are held by the negatively charged structure and released on demand. It also helps in retaining the moisture of the soil plus prevents the soil from cracking. It also lowers the fertilizer cost and provides substantial yield improvements.

Zeolites are also used by the fertilizer manufacturers and substrate manufacturers to create green roofs or roof gardens or are used for lawn establishment, fertilization and aeration.

Zeolites are used in preparation of Golf Courses also as it is mixed with the soil and applied on the surface of the soil for water holding properties. It adds a permanent water reservoir, providing prolonged moisture holding power during dry periods for Golf Course preparation.

Zeolite as Absorbents

The pores of the Zeolite are microscopically small, thus the porous structure of Zeolite can be used to "sieve" molecules having certain dimensions and allow them to enter the pores.

This property of the Zeolites leads to their use in the Separation Processes. Zeolites are used to adsorb a variety of materials. They can remove volatile organic chemicals from air streams, separate isomers and mixtures of gases. It also helps in creating Purified Oxygen.

Zeolite for Detergents

Zeolites are used as a Raw Material in most of the Detergent Products.

Zeolites are basically hydrated crystalline aluminium silicates which function as ion exchangers and make the water soft by removing calcium, magnesium and other ions.

Zeolite for PVC and Plastics

Zeolite are known to be effective co-stabilizers for PVC formulations.

Zeolite is uses as a replacement for Lead Stabilizers in products like window gaskets, window profiles, etc. Depending on the ingredients in the PVC formulations, 10 to 25% of the lead stabilizer could be replaced by the Zeolite. PVC formulations with the Zeolite had the same or better thermal stability performance.

Zeolite are less expensive and have a significantly lower specific gravity than the lead stabilizers they replace. A significant costs savings can be realized by replacing lead stabilizer with Zeolites.

Zeolite for Cat Litter

Zeolite absorbs litter box odours and moisture due to its exceptional qualities. Zeolite, for Cat litter, is easy and convenient to use and doesn’t soil cat fur or paws. It helps to keep the Cats clean and happy.

The micro-porous structure of Zeolites allow for continuous effective absorption. The benefits of high internal surface area, physical strength and the ion exchange properties of the Zeolite, account for its exceptional performance as a Cat litter and odour control applications.

Zeolite for Composting

Natural Zeolite provides a healthy and economical solution for odour and moisture control at barns, stables, pens and confined feed yards operations.

Natural Zeolite helps in following ways:

  • Reducing Ammonia odours in the bedding lanes and pens in feed yards
  • Controlling moisture content of the bedding lane and pens in feed yards
  • Improves air quality and reduces ground water contamination
  • Improves Manure Compost by absorbing Nitrogen

Zeolite for Construction

Zeolite is also used in the construction industry.

Natural Zeolite serves as a stabilizer in concrete construction and various blends such as coatings and adhesives, etc. It is used for precast, on the floor and can also be directly applied as admixture in concrete. Zeolite also improves the properties of cement.

Natural Zeolite also serves to reduce chromium in cement and is used as an anti-corrosion agent in admixture put into cement.

Zeolite for Water Purification

Zeolite has following uses and benefits in water purification:

  • Zeolite provides a unique and simple way of removing algae buildup in the fresh water aquariums as well as cattle stock tanks, ponds or other water holding facilities. Zeolite does this by absorbing the Ammonia in the water that the algae feed on
  • Zeolite also reduces ammonium content in discharge waters in order to meet environmental requirements
  • Zeolite can also be broadcast over the surface of a pond to be effective in reducing ammonium. The pond-bed sludge can be recovered and used as a nutrient enriched slow release fertilizer
  • In addition, Zeolite also reduces ammonium content in discharge waters in order to meet environmental requirements
  • Zeolite is 100% natural, durable and can also be simply regenerated for repeat cycles of this ion exchange filter bed

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