Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Uses

Zinc Oxide for Rubber

Rubber is the most important application of Zinc Oxide. It has been used in this capacity for over a century. Zinc Oxide activates sulphur cross linking of rubber.

In addition Zinc Oxide provides pigmentary properties which enhance the ability to absorb frictional heat, an important property in tire performance. The level of Zinc Oxide use is expressed in terms of 'parts per hundred of rubber, phr'.

Essentially all rubber goods contain Zinc Oxide.

Zinc Oxide Feed Grade

Zinc Oxide forms the major pathways in the body's metabolism.

Zinc Oxide is a supplement that constitutes the main source of zinc in animal feed produced for consumption of poultry, cattle, swine, sheep and other livestock.

Zinc Oxide also allows avoiding zinc deficiency, which leads to the growth retardation; disorders in bone and joint, as well as feathers and coat; skin diseases; a low rate of fertility and more.

Zinc Oxide for Soil Nutrition

Zinc Oxide is one of the safest and most effective ingredient for the Soil Nutrition.

Zinc Oxide is added to the fertilizers to compensate for the deficiency of Zinc resulting from the composition of the soil.

Zinc Oxide is recognized as an essential micronutrient required by the plants and the grains. It plays an important role in many biochemical reactions within the plants:

  • Production of Auxin, an essential growth hormone
  • Zinc Oxide regulates starch formation and proper root development
  • Zinc Oxide enables plants to withstand lower air temperatures

Zinc Oxide for Paper Recycling

Zinc Oxide is extensively used in the Paper Recycling Industry (Paper Recycling).

In Paper Recycling, Zinc Oxide works as a whitener and provide whiteness to the Recycled Paper.

Zinc Oxide for Paints

Zinc Oxide is an essential raw material for various protective paints. One of its exceptional features is its opacity to ultraviolet light in the finished coatings, which improves weather ability.

Zinc Oxide is not discolored by sulphur compounds in the atmosphere, as occurs in some lead pigments.

Zinc Oxide also protects the paint film from mildew, enhances resistance to abrasion and neutralizes the harmful acids formed by vehicle aging.

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Zinc Oxide for Ceramics

Zinc Oxide is a standard ingredient and works as a whitener of Ceramic Tiles.

Zinc Oxide regulates the expansion coefficient, improves glaze and texture, and also enhances the opacity.

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